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Do You Know An Addict

Are you or someone you know an addict? If you are truthful in answering this question the most likely reply would be, yes. Believe it or not but most people in this world has one addiction or another the problem is that some are believed to be more unhealthy than others. This is just not true because in the end all addictions are dangerous and potentially deadly not to mention that all addictions affect the people around you regardless if they are aware of the condition or not.

An addiction is something a person is unable to control on his/her own no matter how much they want to stop. Many addictions are very visible to people but a lot of others are not which makes them dangerous because these victims often do not cry out for help until it is too late. Therefore these addictions which can not be recognized as easily can be much more dangerous than ones which can be seen.

When talking about addiction people often stereotype these people as homeless bums doing drugs or alcohol and who steal and cheat to support their habit. Any more this is not so because more and more so called upper class people are getting involved in heavy drugs and all kinds of drugs are becoming as normal as alcohol at a party. Believe it someone in your circle of friends most likely has a habit of doing some kind of drugs whether it is street drugs or drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Another addiction suffered by a lot of teenaged girls and housewives are eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia. Yes, these are forms of addictions and they are very dangerous ones because they go undetected for so long and are often not noticed until the person ends up in the hospital and by this time it can already be too late. You probably figure you would know if your child or other loved ones was suffering from this but you may be very wrong because they will go to any length to hide what is going on.

One addiction which is fast growing these days are gambling, a terrible habit which often lead to major debt and families loosing their homes. What is so bad about this addiction is that the person involved will conceal his habit and hide his financial situation from the rest of his family. By the time the husband or wife finds out there is no longer any way to catch up on all the unpaid bills lying around.

Even such a thing as having an affair and cheating on your spouse can be classified as an addiction and have a devastating impact on your whole family. For many people having an affair can actually trigger a rush equal to drugs. It becomes so exhilarating that the person are unable to stop, not because he/she does not love you or feel bad for what he is doing but because he/she actually love the rush.

It would be impossible to mention all types of addiction but with as "normal" as addictions has become it would be very smart to educate yourself if you believe someone around you is suffering from one. The last thing you need to do is to barge in on someone accusing them of being an addict so before doing so educate yourself on what symptoms to look for. Most people caught up in bad habits are in one way or another crying for help but are too embarrassed to ask.

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Hege Crowton is an established expert copywriter. She is known for doing in-depth research before writing her articles. Copyright 2005


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