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Casinos and States Target the Compulsive Gambler And Innocent People

Each and every day Casinos and State governments target innocent hard working people and the compulsive gambler through slogans, ads and various publicity stunts.

This type of marketing triggers the subconscious mind. In most instances, it's had a negative affect on people who have made the decision to stop gambling and introduces gambling to teenagers and all other walks of life.

Triggers are obstacles in our environment that can cause your subconscious to override your rational thought. Once a compulsive gambler made the conscious decision to stop gambling these triggers continually influence their rational thought.

There are times you could be relaxing watching the news and a casino commercial comes on. Your first thought is to go back to the casino for a big win. You then sit back and try to think of all the reasons not to go and the positive changes you made in your life. Then as the news end, they announce their proud new sponsor is the Casino. They go on to tell you the casinos have sponsored so many events this year: The Fourth of July Fireworks, Special Olympics, Thanksgiving Food Drive and various other not for profit events through out the state. If you gambled on the Lotto, the states would do the same type of advertising with their local lottery drawings. They tell you that the lottery this year raised 4.8 billion dollars for education, road improvements etc. They share with you the three winners who won over Two Million Dollars. They neglect to tell about the many families who lost their homes, and those who faced divorce. They also don't mention the number of suicides related to gambling.

Once again the compulsive gambler pushes the advertising from the Television out of his mind. Next the mail man arrives at his house and he gets a letter from the casinos offering him a luxury hotel room, tickets to shows and even a birthday celebration. Please come join us. We miss you. You figure it's all free I might as well go. You go and lose another $1000.00. This causes you to get back into the visious cycle of gambling. The Casinos and States don't care if you lose your home, family and or friends. They are there to make a profit.

After you lose everything you are forced to file bankruptcy. Do you think the Casinos are going to give you credit in the future? You no longer have value to them. Now that you finally stopped, it can now take you ten years to get the bankruptcy off your credit report. The struggle continues to be overwelming for these people.

Even though the compulsive gambler stops gambling, it will be years before the gambler can find true financial peace again.

There are a lot of people who believe the States and all Forms of Gambling should be held responsible for losses incurred due to gambling.

If they were held accountable, gambling addictions would be their priorty to prevent.

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About The Author

Howard Keith has an extensive background related to Gambling Addiction. He has interviewed compulsive gamblers, friends of gamblers and relatives of gamblers to get a better understanding.


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