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The Coming Golden Age and How to Prepare For It

By Richard Presser

About 15 years ago, at a time when I had many of the trappings of success in this world - a successful business, money, respect, a marriage to a beautiful, intelligent, caring, humorous woman and with three gorgeous daughters, I suddenly realised that none of this addressed a hole I felt inside of me. In hindsight, I came to realise that I destroyed everything I had built on this foundation as I struggled to make sense of my life.

I was born and raised on a farm in Victoria, Australia. One day, whilst helping my father to cart hay, I was sitting on top of the load when suddenly one rear wheel of the truck fell into a hole. This caused half of the load to fall off and me with it. I remember climbing blindly over the hay bales, until they and I came to rest on the ground. I was unharmed, apart from some chaff down my neck and in every exposed orifice. Recently it struck me that the last 15 years have been like that experience. I have been scrambling all the way to the bedrock of myself as everything seemed to fall apart around me and every venture I touched turned to dust. I wept the first few times I watched Conversations with God, the movie on the life of Neale Donald Walsch, because there are so many parallels with my own.

My search has taken me into many spiritual and pseudo-spiritual places. I have tried many healing modalities, including training as a Reiki and Seichim practitioner - not to practice, to be able to heal myself. It also led me to investigate the links between science and spirituality. Finally, I am finding the way to master these energies.

Trained as an engineer, learning to listen to my intuition was a long, arduous journey, yet it has been that alone which has led me to finally begin to assemble the puzzle that is my life. I have long sensed that we live in a special time, an end time; that it was a time of clearing the past, yet I had no real evidence of this until recently.

In the past year, I have come to understand that we live on the doorstep of a coming Golden Age for mankind, a time that has been foretold in many places and times and by many different people. As this understanding has emerged, I have felt like the time lock from Lara Croft - Tomb Raider, with lots of gear wheels in it. The gears have finally begun to line up and I have come to realise I am deeply connected to these coming changes.

What I have set out to do is to provide a link between reality as we know it and live it, to the underlying truth of the nature of life and the time in which we live. I know many people who, like I was, are living on the treadmill of life, wondering what it all means and how to make sense of their lives. There is a growing concern with the viability of life as we are living it, with our planet struggling to cope, with spiralling debt levels in developed countries and abject poverty and starvation in the undeveloped world. Hopefully, the bridge I am providing will help you connect with the underlying truth and join in this transition to the coming Golden Age.

Change is accelerating and by the time you read this, the signs of these changes may be more evident. I urge you to read what follows with an open mind and a sense of the compassion with which I offer this doorway to you.

The journey begins with an introduction to what modern science is telling us about the nature of our reality and its parallels with spiritual teachings. We then step into an introduction to what I have come to understand about what is unfolding, followed by the tangible evidence in this 3D space/time reality. From there, I will share with you some steps to move forward.

After I had written my e-book I found out that I had been guided from a very high place indeed in the writing of it and at the end, I share with you the moment in which I found out about it. It blew me away...

Extracted from the Introduction to the e-book entitled The Coming Golden Age and How to Prepare For It. Dr Richard Presser has a PhD in Engineering and has worked in the IT industry for many years.

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