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Two People Who Love Each Other

By Gary Bate

They are two people who choose to come together to share minds and thus realities: to enrich their experiences of life.

They are mindful in their relationship and find reasons to come together rather than excuses to be apart.

They are clean, meaning they are not dragging any 'old partners' around with them. They realise that everyone else in their lives are only there because they want them to be there; otherwise they would be a distant memory.

They take responsibility for themselves, individually, and care for each other: leaving behind any compromises for financial advantage.

They live for their own truth and thus are not concerned by the opinions of others.

They have a sharing attitude - "what's mine is yours."

They never use or abuse each other but only give to one another.

They constantly move forward in their lives, individually and together.

They trust each other because they are brutally honest with each other.

They help each other grow and encourage each other, delighting in each other's achievements.

They work at letting go of controlling one another in favour of loving one another.

They view lovemaking as the natural extension of the ecstasy they experience from sharing on all levels rather than the reason for the relationship itself.

They value their intimacy and keep it sacred, excluding all others.

They know that when one can genuinely forgive then one can always find love whether for the other or for self.

They are committed and loyal to each other because they know that without that any words spoken are empty.

They are flexible and tolerant because they understand that becoming absolutely truthful is a journey that doesn't 'just happen' overnight.

They are two people who love each other.

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