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Workshop Feedback Form

Trans4mind would very much appreciate learning about your experience of doing each Workshop in the training curriculum. This will give us a record of your completion of the workshops and also your views will assist us to further improve the workshops.

The workshop you have just completed:

How did you feel about the presenter's empathy and clarity of communication?

What were the key points that the workshop helped you to understand better?

Were there understandings you have about this life challenge that the workshop failed to introduce?

Did you obtain a clear Concrete Step to start applying now in your life?

Do you feel the workshop encouraged the trainee to obtain coaching support?

Did you have any problems following the workshop, watching the videos or understanding what to do next?

Was there anything that needs correcting, or that you disagreed with?

Do you have any suggestions for improving the workshop experience?

How do you rate the workshop as a whole?

Would you like to offer a testimonial?

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