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Tools for Transformation

personal development
Comprehensive resources for personal growth and transformation of body, mind and spirit. Free online personal development courses, books, articles, quotes, videos, meditations, personality test, ebook downloads and audio podcasts ... plus the amazing eLibrary and Trans4mind's home-study courses for those who want to go all the way!
Our motto: “Minds, like parachutes, function better when open.”
Peter Shepherd, Transformational Psychologist
“I believe you can have a much better life if you are true to your core self, therefore guided by love and intuitive inner knowing. You can be an oasis in the lives of your family, friends and community, to uplift their lives with your presence, to help make the world a better place.
“That’s what is needed today: you being… YOU. With no fear in your life as you are overflowing with love. And further, you can learn to develop your creative potential and advance holistically: in body, mind and spirit. Trans4mind has the resources you need on your path of transformation.”
~ Peter Shepherd, founder of
Trans4mind: An oasis for unbounded thinking and personal development
So what is unbounded thinking? We experience. We learn. We share. We progress.

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Subscribers say...

“I thought I should congratulate you for the good work you are continuing to do. Trans4mind is the reason I believe in myself and my work. I get energy to move even when the future is too dim, and I’m able to understand others, forgive and forget... It’s like God speaks to me via you because every time I visit my mails there’s always a life lesson that’s relevant to that particular moment. You have changed my life completely. I am a big fan and follower and will always be. Thanks Peter!” ~ Beatrice
“Maybe nobody else under the sun is doing service like you by free distribution of knowledge. In this respect you are matchless. No words can express my profound gratitude to you. Your messages are a grand feast to me and many more like me. My joy knows no bounds.” ~ Narayana, India
“I am so grateful to have found your website. It has truly given me a channel to help implement the changes through which I aspire. Thank you... you have also renewed my faith in humanity. Trans4mind is truly a blessing.” ~ Matthew
“I am your subscriber and great admirer. For over 15 years, your service to Mankind for exploring self, its potential and its positive and healthy growth are outstanding/unrivaled.” ~ Khalid
Peter Shepherd

Metamorphosis Podcast

Several exceptional articles submitted to Trans4mind are featured in our free audio Podcast, produced by Peter Shepherd. You can subscribe at iTunes Store, so you automatically get the latest issue, or you can listen and download here...

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